How to know fortune from the face

Hair :

  • A person with soft and silky hair and the hair in the top of the head is quite dense and the forehead shows wide enough is fortunate.
  • If the hair is becoming rough and thick then this indicates you’ll have to do a lot of hard work and struggles.


  • Person whose eyes have some brightness to them, the person will surely get success, even if they have to struggle.
  • Person with puffy eyes will get success after the age of 28.  They need to be careful about their health.
  • Person who doesn’t bat their eyelashes enough have go through more struggles in their life.
  • Bulging eyes denote problems with hormones and they are good professionally but socially they may not be so good. They should avoid tall talks.
  • People whose eyebrows meet are reputed due to their wise thinking. They may succeed in finance. If their nose is long, then they are considered very lucky and they get a good name and standing in their family.


  • A straight and narrow nose is more fortunate (less hard work and struggles) than someone with a thicker nose as it denotes more hard work and struggles.

EAR : 

  • Long ears indicate hard work and struggles, but such person will have a lot of intelligence in their own line of work (they may be known nationally/internationally).
  • People whose ears are outwards (sticking out from the head), they may give some good direction to society or to people who come in contact with them. They are very inventive.
  • Small ears denote a clever person. If the lower portion of the ears is hanging a bit, then these people are very fortunate, practical, social, and settle in life quite easily.


  • When anyone’s tongue’s corners from the side are black/dark blue, this means that the coming future will bring a lot of struggles.
  • The more pinkish the tongue, the better the fortune in your future.


  • According to Samudrik Shastra, persons with 32 teeth are the best, 30 teeth good and 28 teeth are considered bad.
  • If the teeth are consistent and there are spaces then there are different results.
  • A person whose teeth are in straight line and smooth, then such a person is rich.
  • People with long teeth are also rich but people with teeth that are dropping inside are poor.
  • People with black uneven teeth face troubles in life.


  • Upper lip covering the part of the lower lip reveals good character, loving person, love for pleasure and entertainment – if lips are thin, a little generosity and more selfishness.
  • Heart shaped lips reveals independence and confidence, seductive and sensual, the need for love and kindness is also important for these persons.
  • Lower lip pronounced outside tells the talent, satirical, cynicism and sarcasm.
  • Mouth with corners pointing down tells deep thought and melancholy.


  • Bony chin indicates firmness .
  • Round dimple chin indicates taste for business .
  • Long squared chin indicates a lawman or a good financial intermediary business.
  • Double chin and big cheeks indicate great joy, attraction for good food and sensual pleasures. These qualities are more pronounced in those with large jaws.

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